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Dear Friends, Thank you for a decade of support!  In celebration we would like to formally invite you to our 10th Anniversary Day of Pink Gala on April 8, 2015 at De La Salle High School (501 St Patrick Street, Ottawa).  Join us for this fabulous FREE EVENT! ...
You should definitely check out: Obaaberima.Dealing directly with universal issues such as the dynamics of human relationships, philosophical reasoning, social justice, race, equity and  ethics, this unique piece also has the power to deepen our understanding of  the...
Like many in our community, upon seeing this ad (above) we were concerned about the message of HIV Stigma that the ad convey. As an organization, we work to address oppression of all kinds.  In fact recently, the team at CCGSD participated in the 'We are all clean campaign', and...
Join Ottawa's best theatre companies as they compete for the illustrious Rubber Chicken Award at the famous Ottawa Theatre Challenge. The event is presented by A Company of Fools and held on World Theatre Day, March 27 at 7:30, in the National Arts Centre-Fourth Stage (Ottawa, ON)And guess what?...
A message from our friends at YBS:If you identify as a Queer or Trans youth under the age of 20 and are interested in attending a focus group relating to Mental Health please come out. Each youth can participate at only one focus group. Regretfully, the focus groups will be conducted only in...
Team Education has had a very busy month so far! We've been in three schools, and facilitated a total of eight workshops this week.Our week started off with a Jr. High/High School conference held at Symmes Jr. High in Gatineau on Tuesday, and then we moved onto more in-depth Queer 101 workshops...

What They're Saying About Us

"I would like to thank my family for their support. Also, thank you to my friends, colleagues, and fellow activists, and to the teachers who supported me."
Jeremy Dias / Jer's Vision / Ottawa
"J’ai trouvé ça très bien parce que ça m’a ouvert l’esprit car vous répondez à toutes les questions qu’on veut savoir. Merci!!!"
Anonyme / 12 / Brossard
"All I can really say is: Thank you!"
Meaghan / 15 / Carine Wilson / Ottawa
"Great presentation! I thought the relaxed format allowed good discussion and you both answered the questions in such an open manner. Thank you so much for coming in!"
Amy / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"This was fabulous - I appreciated the laid-back and approachable atmoshphere that was created with this presentation. You really did a fabulous job of debunking stereotypes. Thank you!"
Kelly / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"You guys were great and funny. Thanks for coming in and speaking to us! =)"
Mikayla / 16 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"I agree that people should not discriminate against the gay community just because they're different."
Nathan / 19 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"I liked it!"
Rebecca / 16 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"It was great. I loved it."
Hyliry / 17 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"The presentation was great! I support everything this workshop represents!"
Candice / 16 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"Good presentation, loved it!"
Evan / 16 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"I always was, being different is the best thing about my friends."
Sabrina / 16 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"I loved this and will support the gay community a lot more."
Patrick / 18 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"Maybe if more peple saw this presentation they would be more respectful."
Gabe / 15 / Richard Pfaff / Ottawa
"You are awesome!"
Candice / 15 / Ottawa
"You are amazing and very entertaining! come back!"
Chelsie / 14 / Ottawa
"I really enjoyed your presentation."
Princess / 16 / Ottawa
"Really excellent job! You are very good at initiating conversation and answering all the students questions. Thanks."
Lindsay / Woodroffe / Ottawa
Sharon / Woodroffe / Ottawa
"Great speakers, well spoken and open. We need more confident people. Thanks guys you two were amazing!"
Amy / 17 / Gloucester / Ottawa
"Very awesome, so glad I came."
Calan / 23
"I was so inspired by your confidence in workshop and continue to do so."
"Jer,Your excentric nature gives you a bright future. Keep the positivity, it ensures longivity."
"Jer,Always friendly and outgoing."
"Jeremy,I'm glad I got to meet you this summer. You are a very energetic person with a lot of heart!"
"Jer,I love your self- confidence and dynamism."
"Jer,You have lots of energy and a great personality!"
"Jeremy,This year promises to be very entertaining with you on board! I admire your interest in getting to know the people around you."
Maue Jaelle
"Jer,Wow  man you bring an awesome presence to the team."
"Jer,You're fantastic and an excellent speaker.......... not to mention a sweetie!"
"Jer,Man you're like an energy bomb! You alone can boost a group into a frenzy. Keep doin' what you're doin! Keep it real man."
"Jer,Nice meeting you. Look forward to working with you!"
"Jer,It is really refreshing to see someone with as much enthusiasm as you have."
"Jer,You are one of the better speakers i have ever seen."
"I admire your courage & openness, demonstrated through the dialog you encouraged & conducted. The whole message of diversity, tolerance & acceptance is so crucial, for all of our students to hear, & have demonstrated. Thank you both very much for making our school a priority in your busy schedule. Best wishes with 'the cause'."
Mr Lockwood / Ottawa Technical HS / Ottawa
""I believe that I can't talk the talk until I walk the walk so to help stop bullying I will try my hardest to stop the behavior in me that could be labeled as bullying.""
Anonymous / 12 / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
""One person can make a difference and if you do something positive, everyone (most people anyways) will help you in achieving your goals. Jeremy was so brave, positive and kind!""
Anushka / 13 / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
""I learned that just saying 'stop' can make a big difference in a person's life.""
Rowan / 13 / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
""...even when things seem hopeless, there is someone, somewhere willing to help you.""
Rowan / 13 / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
""No matter what your race is, or where you come from, everybody is equal and nobody is better.""
Anonymous / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
""Love sees no gender!!""
Emily / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
""Everyone has their right to be different, to be unique, and others should accept and respect them for who they are.""
Anonymous / 13 / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
""I think bullying is like Global warming. Everyone says that we need to do something to stop it, but even the people themselves do nothing.""
Anonymous / 12 / B.C.E. / Ottawa, ON
"''I learned about how an act of kindness could change somebody's life.''"
Anonymous / BCE / Ottawa
"''I learned that bullying becuase of sexual orientation and skin colour is as real now as it was 50 years ago and it hadn't faded as much as I thought it had.''"
Thea / BCE / Ottawa
"''I think the presentation was amazing and I hope you will continue to do this presentation to raise awareness and help the victims of bullying.'' "
Thea / BCE / Ottawa
"''I learned that you should treat everyone equaly; that you should be accepting of others for who they are and what they believe in. You also shouldn't bully people just because they are different.''"
Mihailo / BCE / Ottawa
"''We should never be making someone think that they are lesser than others or that what they chose is wrong. Just because someone is unique , they shouldn't have to become prey to those who think their views are the right ones.''"
Claire / BCE / Ottawa
"''To stop bullying, I will say stop you are not cool when you make fun of people because they are different from you so knock it off!''"
Anonymous / Ottawa
"''Live your life in peace and do not insult anyone for being different!''"
Hamdy / Ottawa
"''I don't think you should treat people differently just because they aren't like you becasue everyone is different and we should all accept that.''"
Chelsea / Ottawa
"''I learned that it is very hard to be 'different' but there are people that can help you and support you. And even though you may feel like you're alone, just remember that you will find someone that likes and understands you.''"
Anonymous / Ottawa
"''Gays are people too. Why can't people just get that?!""
Anonymous / Ottawa
""Each time you hurt someone you will forget about hurting them 30 seconds later, but the person you hurt will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.""
Anonymous / Ottawa
""I learned that homosexuals are no different than heterosexual people or bisexual people and I have so much more respect for them now.""
Anonymous / Ottawa
""If I see someone getting bullied I will stand up for them no matter what. It makes me angry to see someone get hurt for what they feel or look like.""
Anonymous / Ottawa
""Helping someone or saying something to support them can save that person's life.""
Anonymous / Ottawa
"I will try to teach people in every day life to always show respect."
Anonymous / Ottawa
"Bullying is something we should not do because we might think it's a "joke" but the truth is, that it scars the person who is bullied. That person might be going through a lot, you never know and the scars from bullying will never go away."
Hala / Ottawa
"Bullying is something we should not do because we might think it's a "joke" but the truth is, that it scars the person who is bullied. That person might be going through a lot, you never know and the scars from bullying will never go away."
Hala / Ottawa
"I learned that little comments, no matter how "little" and "innocent" they are to you, hurt the person you are directing them at. Because for them, it's not just one comment. It's one comment over and over again."
Anonymous / Ottawa
"To stop bullying, I will stand up for someone who is being bullied. I will not stand and watch someone being bullied."
Anonymous / Ottawa
"I learned that what could be a joke for one person may not be a joke for the other one. I learned that even if people are different it is not a reason to make jokes."
Victor / Ottawa
"If I see someone being picked on in the hallway, I will go up to the bully and tell them to stop. Even if I come out with a black eye or my feelings hurt, it will always heal knowing that I stopped someone else from getting hurt."
Anonymous / Ottawa
"I learned that there's no "one" bully. It's tons of us- once one starts we all follow. So there's no one bully we need to stop; it's ourselves we need to stop."
Anonymous / Ottawa
"Everyone should have the right to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. Bullying is wrong!"
Anonymous / Ottawa
"You are who you are and people should be accepted regarless of who they are because everyone is different."
Anonymous / MFI
"No one deserves to be bullied for who they are."
"I learned not to be ashamed for who you are and I think it was really brave that Jeremy shared his story with everyone."
"You are not alone. Be proud of who you are! There will be people that will bully you but don't forget that you;re not alone and never will be!"
"Thank you so much for coming to our school ad sharing your story with us. You are the best!"
Yonit / Ottawa
"I want to thank you for coming because I found your presentation really touching and I learned a whole lot!"
Anonymous / Ottawa
"I think it was an amazing idea to start your program and Im happy that everything worked out for you in the end. "
Samra / Ottawa
"You are very awesome and you are so brave to talk about your story with us! Thanks! "
Anonymous / Ottawa
"Thank you for coming and telling us about your lives. It was very inspiring. Hope to see you again."
Ranad / 13 / Queen Elizabeth / Ottawa
"Your presenation was exactly what we needed though. The way you were able to reach the students through real-life stories and humour broke the awkward silence and tears, providing much needed relief to students and staff. We needed the distraction. A perfect time to send a clear message to students that is life is too short to be hateful. We all need to support, love eachother and embrace our differences."
Erin / Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute
"I just wanted to say thank you again for coming to CASS today to educate us more on issues with bullying and just homosexuality in general. I'm sure it made a difference. I sincerely think you made a difference today as I'm sure you do with every presentation you do. "
Jennie / Central Algoma Secondary School
"I don't think it's fair for people to be teased for who they are."
Vaitlyn / 12 / Queen Elizabeth / Ottawa
"Hi Jeremy, you came to my school, Cedarview maybe a week ago!! I just wanted to say I loved the way you told your story you really connected with the  audience!!! I would love it if you came back soon to see us again!! By the way my School is celebrating the day of pink but I am doing this especially for YOU!! I love you Jeremy!!"
"Hey. Jeremy recently visited my school and I was insanely inspired by all the things he had said. He's such an inspiration for both young adults and young children alike. I loved his presentation and though he was funny as all hell! I just wanted to suggest recording Jer's speeches at schools as they are normally funny. I was hoping to  show someone what I had the chance to watch and couldn't find any videos of the sort. I was a little disappointed. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking to show someone and spread the word! Thanks. Oh and by the way... *blow* SPARKLES!"
"Thank you for coming and telling us about your lives. It was very inspiring. Hope to see you again!"
"I think Jer's Vision is a great way to make people stop and think about how they behave with other people."
12 / Queen Elizabeth Public High School / Ottawa
"Je trouve que c'est une bonne idée de venir parler aux jeunes de notre école parce qu'il y a plusieurs préjugés envers les gais et les lesbiennes."
17 / École secondaire publique Louis-Riel / Ottawa
"Merci, votre approche douce et réprobatrice est efficace."
École secondaire publique Louis-Riel / Ottawa
"I wanted to say thanks for inspiring me and showing that I do have a confident voice."
14 / Longfields-Davidson Heights High School / Barrhaven
"I learned that bullying can hurt in lots of different ways and that you shouldn't be a bystander."
13 / Longfields-Davidson Heights High School / Barrhaven
"Your talk today at Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre was truly inspirational. I admire your ability to speak with such humour and passion. Your strength and ethical character shined through and I was really touched by your presentation.  You were a good reminder to me to keep the “faith;” sometimes I feel like I am losing my intensity the older I get, compared to when I was a teenager. So thank you!"

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